About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

The World Wildlife and Heritage Museum

The World Wildlife and Heritage Museum presents an authentic view of the wildlife of our world and explores the rich cultural history of the American West

Our mission is to provide an immersive and eductional experience in the natural world, man's expansion and delineate the challenges to our environment and the necessary conservation

The WWHM is a ninety thousand s.f. presentation of the world’s wildlife and the landforms, flora and fauna of the seven continents.  Portraying 200 million years of our earth’s timeline, the WWHM provides a realistic portrayal of Pre-history, back to the Cretaceous, touches on early man of 12,000 years ago and provides a walk through the heritage and conflicts of a continent resettled. C.  1830 – 1900.


The greatest portion of the museum portrays the world’s wildlife and the environment in which that wildlife lives.  The museum will be structured for education and advocates for the conservation of our natural world.


All great projects start with a very good plan. A plan that then, in BayStone’s world gets refined over and over…..and over. Our team of Designers, Project Managers and technical team are dedicated to designing and perfecting all that goes into the preplanning, whether it be the initial drawings, 3d renderings, animations, or conceptual models, we pride ourselves on the forethought put into each and every project.

20th Scale Model

Mockups help in the design process and aid in telling a story that can sometimes be over looked.  Take a 360° tour below. 

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Architectural Elements

It has never been easier to achieve a high quality product that looks amazing thanks to us. 


Prefabricated Panalization


This project has certainly pushed us out of our comfort zone, allowing for us to grow and expand our expertise. The creation of Prefabricated Panels that serve as both technical necessities and a beautiful expression of art is one we are very proud of. Take a look at at the work that went into it! 


Themed Environements

We strive to create an immersive and exciting experience when it comes to projects with a theme! A log cabin, realistic water features, hand carved “wooden” logs, you name it; we can make it look real.